Thank you for your interest in VESA Studios and congratulations on your engagement! I am Petrit, the owner and founder of VESA and here is a short story about our company.

We all come to crossroads in our life and mine happened in 2004. It came in the form of a very simple question from a close friend of mine - he said "are you happy?". Simple yet very profound question which made me stop and think and ask myself "was I really happy?". I really was but there was one thing that I wasn't thrilled about anymore - my job. 

After being in the IT industry for several years I had to finally be honest with myself and admit that I wasn't enjoying it anymore! Not an easy thing considering the investment that went into it but I realized that if I will be doing it for the rest of my life I better find something that I enjoy. Photography was a hobby of mine for many years and by that time I had all the equipment I needed to start a business. 

Although I was quite experienced in other forms of photography weddings present a very unique challenge - wedding photography is many photography disciplines in one. You have to be good in portrait, photojournalism, landscape and fashion photography, all at the same time and always on the move.  I assisted a very well known NYC photographer for 6 months just to get a good feel on how to shoot a wedding and finally in 2005 I quit my job in the IT and opened a small studio in Brooklyn, NY. To my surprise it simply took off! In just two years we had so many requests that we had to turn clients away! (check our reviews on The Knot and Wedding Wire)

Today VESA Studios is a boutique wedding photography and cinematography studio specializing in photo-journalistic style coverage. Our team consists of 3 photographers and two cinematographers. I personally do not shoot more than 25 weddings a year to make sure that the quality and costumer service remain at the highest level possible. We don't want to turn your wedding into just another gig of the season. Instead we would like to give you our full attention and create the best product possible that will be cherished for years to come by you and your family.

Just to give you an example - one week before the wedding I visit each of the locations where we plan to shoot on the wedding day, regardless if I shot there before or not. This enables me to come up with a very detailed plan on how will I cover the wedding, type of equipment I'll use etc. Other studios don't do that :)!

I am frequently asked why VESA and what does it mean?

VESA is my daughter's name :).

Come and meet with us - we have two offices - one in NYC and the other in Verona, NJ and you will always be meeting with me.