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You’re probably on this page because, a few seconds ago, you asked yourself, "Who are these guys?"

Let us tell you who we are and why you shouldn’t hesitate to book us ASAP!

VESA Studios was established in 2004 in Brooklyn, NY. In 2011, we made a permanent move to Verona, NJ. We are a small boutique wedding photography studio with six photographers serving clients in NJ, NY, PA, & CT.

Likely, you visited our portfolio and liked what you saw, so we won’t spend too much time talking about the obvious :). Beautiful images are the main—but not only—factor to consider when choosing a wedding photographer. There are several other, very important aspects to take into account.

Let's list them:

You should hire VESA Studios because:

1. You will receive amazing, stunning, unobtrusive, photo-journalistic images.

2. Our staff is courteous and professional. Translation: We are punctual, organized, polite, not loud and obnoxious, considerate of the fact that this is your wedding day, aware of family dynamics, and in charge when needed (and invisible when not).

3. We are dedicated to the safety of your data. We ensure that each image is backed up at our two locations, with a third copy on our cloud servers.

4. Backup, backup, backup: Every single piece of equipment has a twin (or, sometimes, triplet or quadruplet). There will be two cameras, two flashes, multiple batteries, multiple cards, etc.

5. All plans are two-photographer plans. Well, this is a bit excessive, isn't it? Actually, no!

Imagine the following scenario: Photographers are heading from the bride's house (always in separate vehicles) to the church. One of the photographers gets into an accident and is taken to the hospital. The second photographer arrives at the church and captures the ceremony. If this were a one-photographer plan, no one would be available to cover the ceremony.

6. We’re fully online. You can get your quote, meet us, pay, and sign the contract online.

7. We won’t post anything on social media without your consent.

Give us a call, email us, or schedule a consultation! We look forward to answering any questions you may have!